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Jupiter, Florida – February 9, 2015 – The Subscription Growth Calculator is a free tool for executives of subscription model companies to visualize the impact improving key metrics has on recurring revenue and company valuation. Available today at


Visualize annual recurring revenue and company valuation growth with our free tool specifically built for subscription executives. Then download your free Subscription Growth Report.

Executive’s of subscription model businesses know the metrics that largely dictate growth and success. These metrics include new customers growth, the cost of acquiring these new customer or CAC, the average annual recurring revenue of a customer, the lifetime value of a customer or LTV and customer churn percentage.

What is not as readily apparent is how big the impact that even small adjustments to these metrics have over time. The purpose of this calculator is to help executives visualize their current growth path with the inputs provided. Then create an alternate “hyper growth” path with adjutsments to their metrics to see the impact those adjustments have on ARR and valuation when compared.

“The complexity of running a subscription business today means executives are bombarded with endless data and metrics and can often lose touch with the ones that matter. Our vision for the calculator is to help executives see the powerful compound impact key metrics have and be able to refocus on what will accelerate their growth,” said Ryan Cahill CEO and Founder of Executive Answers.

Features that are coming soon – the tool will soon incorporate goal/benchmark setting, marketing metrics and industry benchmarks for SaaS, Cloud, Retail and other subscription verticals. The Subscription Growth Calculator will also integrate into the broader Executive Answers Subscription Accelerator Platform.

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