Mobile responsive websites

What Happened?

Today Google changed their search algorithm to exclude websites that are not responsive. That is websites that do not reformat to fit the size of your screen to accommodate mobile phones and tablets which have a smaller screen size than a computer.

Why did they make this change – simple, mobile dominates web traffic today accounting for more than 60% and climbing and Google wants to provide the best experience for users who are more often then not on a mobile device when searching. This mobile-first approach has been a buzz word in the marketing tech circles for some time but with this change busts into the mainstream for any business with a non-responsive website.

So what does this mean if your site is not responsive – your DISAPPEAR. Yes literally, someone searching for your site on a mobile device will no longer find your business, which has accounted for substantial web traffic declines in businesses as of today.

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Ok you didn’t pass the test, so what can you do?

  1. Accept you NEED to change your website
  2. If you have a web developer and they let this happen without notice and a plan – FIRE THEM!
  3. Find a NEW web development firm


Some Key Developer Selection Criteria:

  • They should think about your site in context to your larger Demand Generation and Marketing Strategy
  • They should have experience and examples of responsive/mobile friendly web design
  • They should have experience working in your industry to really understand your business


In Summary:

Mobile is the future for web. Google and others will continue to ensure they optimize your experience from a mobile device. This means your business needs to ensure you keep pace with these changes so your prospects and customers can continues to find and connect with you. If you are looking for a new web developer  – give us a call, we have a full team of marketing experts that can not only solve this mobile problem but put your business on track to accelerate sales.

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