Catering to today’s hyper-connected, always-on consumers is challenging enough for any company. But when your business operates on a SaaS or cloud-delivery subscriptions you add a whole extra layer of complexity to reaching and satisfying your target market. That’s because subscription customers take their expectations up a notch. They have invested in an ongoing relationship with you— and they expect a higher level of engagement and customization from you in return.

We designed a framework to help marketers and executives create a powerful relationship with their subscribers through effective marketing. This is especially important as marketing plays a larger role in demand generation as buyers have less interest engaging with sales.

The goal of this framework was to provide a methodology that supporting the entire buyer journey outlined below.

Modern Buyer Journey SaaS

This blueprint is designed for SaaS marketer to help drive traffic, increase leads, help nurture opportunities and support upsells and expansion to end up with raving fans.


The framework for Subscription Lifecycle Marketing is organized in an acronym that spells CARE.

Content – the way to educate, inform and inspire

Automation – the only way to personalize at scale

Relevancy – the way to create data-driven dialogues

Engagement – how to listen to your subscribers


To uncover more about this methodology and examples of how it should be executed – click here to download the free white paper.