If you are like most of the executives I speak with then the current state of your demand generation is pipeline is fuzzy at best. This is certainly not for lack of desire but mostly because of the number of systems and complexity that now make up the demand gen process. A typical business will have somewhere between 5-15 systems that cover pieces of your process. These typically include web analytics like Google Analytics or New Relic, social posting on Facebook and Twitter, marketing automation like Mailchimp, Marketo or Hubspot, CRM data on Salesforce or Insightly, some manual notes in Google docs and a transaction system like Stripe or Chargify.

All these products are great tools, but they still leave an executive fighting to put the pieces together of how their overall pipeline is actually doing. It also makes identifying problems in y0ur pipeline very difficult with all these silos of data and mapping your process to a typical buyer journal almost impossible. The number one challenge facing companies today is new sales. The reason this is the biggest problem is we are in the midst of a paradigm shift of how people and business buy goods and services. The buyer is now in control of the process and the buyer journey is determined by them and is often anything but linear and may involve as many as 10 channels. For a company to be effective you must map your process to the buyer’s journey, but do you even know what that is? Do you know what channels are working? Do you know what is generating leads and deals versus just DOA traffic?


There is a better way

There are only two ways to solve this. The first way would be a platform that handles everything in your demand gen pipeline. Many of these system like Hubspot are making strides to accomplish that but as of today are not able to execute effectively against this goal. And as with most technology “platforms” you must sacrifice best in breed capabilities for the continuity as there are pieces of the overall solution that are not great. The market is making a huge effort in consolidation to provide these full-suite solutions, but as of now there is no complete answer.

The second solution is to leverage best in breed platforms, but bring all the data out of the silos and manage your demand generation pipeline from a unified dashboard or “Command Center”. We are proud to say we have built just such a solution we call our Executive Dashboard. The vision for this product was simple; make it easier for executives to understand what was happening at all the critical steps in their demand generation pipeline by giving clear visibility into critical metrics from all the critical system in one screen.

Executive Dashboard


Eliminate the Silo

The Executive Dashboard connects to over 60 systems out of the box and even more using our API. See the list below for an outline of the systems with built in connections today. Beyond the built in integrations you can also upload google doc files and .csv’s for offline data.

Executive Answers Dashboard Services

Personalize your KPI’s

The Executive Dashboard enables you to customize the KPI’s that matter most to you. Our expert team will help you understand the metrics that matter most and then configure the output in the way that helps you most. This customization can include the visualization (what chart type you like best) timeframe (view by hour, day, week, month etc) customized metrics from unique calculations (we can take data feeds and calculate unique outputs).

Web & Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Customize the Look and Feel

The Executive Dashboard allows you to customize the layout, appearance and contents based on your preferences. The dashboard canvas can be organized in any way you want ( the visualization size, location, # of metrics etc.). The appearance of the dashboard itself can be personalized to your aesthetic preferences (background and individual metrics can be any color, texture or design you want). The content of the dashboard is fully customizable as well which means you can have as many metrics, or any mix of metrics and graph styles you want on the page. We also have the ability to create multiple dashboard screens that are linked if you wanted to have a master dashboard and then drill down screen for individual departments.

Business Development and Sales Dashboard

Full Service Set up

Unlike most of the platforms on the market today, the Executive Dashboard comes with a full service set up. We configure, organize and connect the dashboard for you. We know executives are busy so we don’t want to add another item to your to do list. Not only will we eliminate the task of setting it up, but our expert team will help you determine the best metrics to be tracking and ensure you get the most actionable insights possible.


Our pricing starts at just $99 a month for our self-service package which is about the cost of your daily Starbucks coffee. We also offer packages that include monthly reporting and expert consultation coupled with multiple dashboard for those who want a helping hand.

Pipeline Clarity Executive Answers

You can’t manage what you can’t see!

It is time to bring your demand generation process into full view with the Executive Dashboard. Don’t chase your team down for reports, don’t guess at what is working or not. Pull out your phone, iPad, laptop or flip on the flatscreen and see your key metrics all in one place in real-time to drive the marketing and sales results you need to grow. To learn more and purchase the dashboard go here Executive Dashboard.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call our team today at (617) 958-1942