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Leadership, a lost skill of today’s SaaS Executive?

Today’s business world is overrun with daily examples of fraud, conspiracy, coverups and personal greed. Are the executives of today bankrupt of moral character, integrity and the essential skill of leadership? I don’t think so. In the technology age of instant awareness, rumors and the “bad news sells” mentality, I think these few crooks and their outlandish sins give the average executive a terrible name. I do think however, that the executive of today has lost, neglected or underestimated the importance of leadership to their role. According to world renowned author John Maxwell, there are 3 Things employees want to know about their leader. 1. Do you care about me? 2. Can you help me reach my goals? 3. Can I trust you and will you fairly reward my results?

In the current economic environment where companies are operating lean and mean, you need every employee working at maximum potential. By answering these simple questions for your staff, you will help them put aside their personal concerns and reengage in their work with renewed focus and motivation. It is an unfortunate statement of our culture, but we assume the worst. So, in this time of concern and turmoil communication from executives to their staff needs to be frequent, direct and honest to avoid the fears of silence.

A great example of  modern leadership is Mike Krzyzewski the coach for Duke basketball and currently the USA Mens Basketball team competing in Rio. For those of you who are fans of college basketball, you need no introduction to Coach K. For those who do not know who he is, here are a few highlights.

  • Head Coach at Duke since 1980
  • ACC Coach of the Year 5 times
  • National Coach of the Year 8 times
  • Coach of 2008, 2012, 2016? Gold Medal Olympic Basketball Team
  • Lead Duke to 3 National Titles
  • Winningest coach in NCAA tournament history
  • The winningest coach in college basketball history with 1,043 wins

What is most amazing about Coach K accomplishments is that he accomplished these feats with a different group of people every 4 years. Coach K is a model for leadership and he has written a book where he shares the keys to his more than 3 decades of success. As he leads the US Basketball team to what looks like another gold medal in Rio, it showcases just how much he has to share on leadership.

Leading with the Heart – Mike Krzyzewski

Here are some other great leadership books to help you lead your company to greatness in 2010.

A Stake in the Outcome – Jack Stack

Leadership 101 – John Maxwell

“People don ‘t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt