In the modern market where consumers/buyers/decision makers are actively looking for solutions, it is essential that your brand and corporate value proposition be clear and direct and easily understood from your digital assets and content. If you can’t nail this piece it will deteriorate any and all other growth efforts. What good will your increased marketing spend have if all the visitors you paid to acquire don’t convert?

Here are 3 Ways to Diagnose Brand Clarity and Resonance with Your Audience

Website Bounce Rate. For those of you who don’t know, this is the % of website visitors that come to your website and then leave without visiting any other pages or content. This is a great indicator that your message is not clear and consistent with your SEO/SEM, advertising or social postings as you acquired the traffic with an appeal which was not substantiated on the site. By a general rule of thumb, something under 50% is solid and anything above that should cause some concern. This alone is not enough to sound the fire alarm but may be a symptom your brand is not clear.

Conversions. Any type of conversion is a good sign that that people are picking up what you are putting down. This can be anything from email sign up, demo request, contact us or of course a purchase. Conversions are not created equal so it is important to view these through the lens of pipeline movement and prospect action. Anytime you get a hand raise to engage more it is a good sign your brand and message is clear and compelling to the audience you are speaking to.

Sales Alignment. A great validation of brand and messaging clarity is when your inside sales or BDR/SDR team does not start discovery calls answering this question. The objective way to review this can be to look at the disqualification rate of SQL’s or newly created opportunities as those are good indicators. It is a best practice to leverage a secondary field after disqualification so you can segment out what I would call “bad business fits” by category and then have the rep/BDR/SDR add notes as to what exactly was the issue(s). This gives you a great check and balance not only on your positioning but also your ABM advertising if you are getting the wrong audience or if some assumptions for the TAM/MAM were incorrect.

If you have diagnosed that you have some or all of these issues you can start with a simple exercise with your team outlined in the video below.

Once you have gone through this process you, your team and your prospects should be able to accurately fill in the statement below for your brand. Don’t send another email, spend another dollar on ABM or social ads before this is nailed.

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