The Second Mouse Principal is the foundational thesis behind Executive Answers’ soon to launch Revenue Academy. The concept is very simple, in today’s market it is the smarter sales rep that wins. With all studies, indications, and trends showing a declining influence and desire to engage with sales, it is the rare few sales professional that can prove their worth and drive revenue.

The focus of our training is to help uplevel the skills of sales professional by focusing on how to learn to be better and not just the constant “HUSTLE & GRIND” banter. With research showing that >50% of sales reps miss quota, there is clearly room to help individual performance and company results.

Our training will systematically work through the sales process from start to finish and provide “actionable insights” in the form of templates, specific tactics, tips, resources, and strategies. The goal is to migrate as many reps to the practices of the second mouse.

With the coaching and education from our academy, we are confident we can improve the performance of individual performers, sales teams, and company-wide sales results. Sales managers and VP’s are stretched, time-constrained and may not be comfortable training. On average, reps have a few days to a few weeks total of training to learn a product, buyer persona, industry, competition and be able to sell. This is just not sufficient to be successful in the field. The combination of product-specific knowledge layered on top of bad fundamentals never delivers. We are focused on shoring up the foundation so the in-house management can focus on company/product specific skills and tactics.

With the completion of the Executive Answers Revenue Academy, you should improve discovery depth, qualification accuracy, process management, pipeline quality, close rate and deal size. We expect our graduates to be able to say ” All I do is Win, Win, Win no matter what” as DJ Khaled so eloquently said.

The Executive Answers Revenue Academy launches in Q2 2018. If you want to join the waiting and see the preview session – sign up here.