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The Next Chapter for Executive Answers & Sales

It is with great excitement that today I announce Winning By Design has acquired Executive Answers. As part of this transaction, I will be joining their amazing team as Partner and be leading the new Austin Office!

You can read the Full Press Release here


So Why the Change Now?

I believe we have hit an inflection point in SaaS sales as a result of a number of factors converging together which have moved sales into a science and require a unique skill set to ensure success,  I will outline these below.

The End of Personalization as a Strategy

Personalization (that is adding contact name & company name) on top of genericized messages is no longer effective> Everyone does it and the response rate is declining like the desire of 2-day old pizza. The age of relevance is here and relevance is harder, more time consuming, but much more impactful. You must answer the “why are you reaching out to me?” question and the answer better not be to get a meeting and sell my stuff.

The App Explosion and Platform Fatigue

Sales automation, business development tools, marketing automation, ABM the list goes on and on. Having been in the digital marketing landscape, I have seen where this goes and the confusion and complexity it can create for revenue leaders. For modern SaaS sales success, a clear and unified plan and process for sales and marketing including the technologies is essential.

Sales Tech Lumascape

The Buyer has Changed

This topic has been discussed enough, but it is an important factor when combined with these other industry trends that impact how business development, sales, and pre-sales engage with a prospect, the right strategy to sell.

Winning By Design

The conversation with WbD started years ago as a consultant educating myself on their material. I then hired WbD while I ran revenue for Selligent. They are the best and literally wrote the book(s) on SaaS Sales and IMHO are the only firm providing the complete package for modern success. With over 150 SaaS companies under their belt and 100+ 5 Star review ion G2 Crowd – it is safe to say these guys were in a league all their own.

My Personal Excitment

I am passionate about solving problems and building “Revenue Growth Engines” that deliver revenue growth for companies they have never experienced. I am confident I will have an opportunity to do that at even greater scale with WbD. As a client, I have seen first hand the impact of this methodology and looking forward to seeing that impact second hand as a practitioner of it.

I am also excited about being able to offer the local Austin ecosystem and the broader East Coast the same insight WbD has had in Silicon Valley and around the world.