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Innovative Ideas

The latest and greatest ways to built trust, articulate value, define business impact and support your buyers

Key Elements

Our training will provide you with the critical foundational skills, strategies to deliver repeatable success. 

Target Audience

We will help you view from the buyers perspective so you can better connect, support and earn their trust

Winning Strategy

We will provide you winning strategies that are working now and provide immediate and lasting results

Buyers want to Purchase not be Sold

According to Forrester research in a  few short years, eCommerce will replace 1M B2B salespeople. This 2015 report highlights the growing desire in B2B buyers to transact more like B2C buyers.

Buyers want to Self-Educate

According to Accenture study of procurement showed the majority of buyers preferred to self-educate through their own research and purchase on their own without interaction with sales.

Sales has Changed Forever

Everyone agrees that sales have changed forever. The digital age has provided access to information and provided insight to buyers which reduces their need and desire to engage with sales.

The Market Has Changed & Demands We Adapt


Buyers engage later in the process, so the role sales plays in the process has changed. The role is now about buyer enablement and providing insight. (adapted from CEB study)

Evaluation timeframes are also shrinking giving sales less time to built trust and have an impact. (Graphic from WinningbyDesign)

Excellence Requires Investment

We are committed to helping your "Sharpen Your Axe" to master the core fundamentals of modern sales and marketing. Once those are completed we will help to refine and add new skills that will increase performance, consistency, earning potential and career advancement.

Key Elements of our Academy



Self-Paced Courses

Move at your own pace through the courses, start and stop based on your schedule.


Insight & Assets

Our curriculum includes both the instruction and useful resources like templates and guides for you to use


Fully Responsive

All expert instructors are available on the platform to answer questions, provide additional support and coaching

Today's Market Requires New Skills

“The electric light did not come from continuous innovation of candles”

– Oren Harari

Plans and Pricing

We offer a broad range of pricing options. You can see free previews of the courses to review curriculum, instructor and asset contents. These prices are for individuals, for team pricing please contact us.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, hear from top sales and marketing talent who have experienced this training first hand.

“Ryan has been one of my great mentors from many years ago. Early in my career as a marketing manager, I was impressed with how he was able to connect the dots between the goals we wanted to reach and what guidelines and deliverables were necessary to meet those targets. Most importantly, it was always laid out in a simple and concise manner!

Several years later, Ryan is still one of the mentors that I trust to turn to when I need someone to help grow my sales/marketing success.

Erick Mahle

Founder & CEO

“Ryan’s sales training does not only cover the sales process comprehensively but also makes the concepts applicable to real life SaaS deals.

As a current Director of Sales, I found these fundamentals to have an immediate impact on my overall performance and success. I thoroughly recommend Ryan’s sales training to any sales teams or individuals seeking the tools to grow exponentially.”


Max Bichsel

Enterprise Sales Executive

“Ryan is a unique blend of vision, intelligence, and action. It’s not too often you encounter someone with such depth of knowledge, strategic thinking and the ability to act on it. His passion for what he does doesn’t only ignite his client’s enthusiasm but his own drive for success which he altruistically shares.

I first met Ryan as a client, when he was an Account Executive and was so impressed we stayed in contact. Since that time we have worked on multiple projects together and he is my go-to expert in strategic sales.”

Russ Ackner


“Ryan was one of the best sales and marketing leaders I have worked with. His coaching and mentoring was critical to our sales and marketing success. He taught the marketing teams how to focus on the right areas, build a roadmap for themselves and bring results to the business as well as their own personal growth.
On a personal level, he helped me evaluate new and different solutions, asked questions that made me think outside the box and got me really excited about the field I work in. He is focused, pragmatic and incredibly knowledgeable about sales and marketing. Most importantly, his ability to transfer his knowledge to others while also motivating them to do better is remarkable.”
Dajana Guja

Sr. Dir Global Demand Gen

“I recently found an old presentation I delivered to a prospect years ago. I was mortified by what I saw. Everything from the text-heavy slides, to the superficial substance of the pitch itself, to the disengaging delivery I recalled giving to my prospects – it was horrifying.

That presentation was part of a sales process my colleagues and I refer to as “pre-Ryan Cahill.”

Shortly after Ryan joined Selligent as the VP of Sales, there was a night-and-day transformation in how each rep performed. Ryan quickly identified roadblocks in the sales process, equipped us with valuable new strategies to overcome those roadblocks, and ultimately enabled our team to achieve the most profitable results we have ever attained.

The beauty of Ryan’s coaching style is that he is a jack-of-all-trades.

Do you need to create the most visually engaging presentation for a group of marketers? Ryan has designed the best. Do you need to conduct a discovery call that gets you that one piece of critical, game-changing information? Ryan can teach you how to get any prospect to unveil critical details; Do you need help understanding how to convey the benefits of a complex technology solution to the average non-technical business person? Ryan can put himself in every prospect’s shoes and teach you exactly how to speak to them.

Ryan played the most substantial role in my growth at Selligent. Under his leadership, I not only crushed my numbers as a sales rep but eventually moved into a sales management role. With Ryan’s guidance and training, I managed a team that significantly surpassed their revenue numbers, despite being a first-time manager myself & managing reps that had < 1 year of sales experience on average.

Ryan has the ability to turn a mediocre sales organization into a well-oiled, wildly-successful machine. I am so grateful to have learned from Ryan and highly encourage anyone with the opportunity to do the same to seize it.”

Indu Sudhakar

Dir of GB Sales

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