Buyer Journey Assessment


If you don’t know how you got your customers, how do you expect to find more?

In today’s market your buyer is firmly in control. And in order for your business to stay competitive and drive sales, you must align to your buyer’s journey and support THEIR process.

But do you really know your buyer? Do you know what’s working today and what needs to be fixed? Do you know how you are competitively positioned in the market? In our experience companies have a rough idea of the answers to these questions but not the laser focused, precise insight required to grow today.

That is why we start every engagement with our proprietary Buyer Journey Assessment, a comprehensive and objective review of your demand generation process, competitive benchmarking analysis and technical review of your sales and marketing assets.

The Modern Buyer’s Journey

Modern Buyer Journey SaaS

The following is an outline of the modern Buyer’s Journey and what we review at each stage:

research buyer journey


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SEO – If a buyer searches for your solution, are you easy to find?

Content – What POV or statement are you making?

Social – How are you creating interest to learn more and engage?

Marketing – How are you creating awareness and driving demand?

consideration buyer journey


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Website – Is it clear what you do and what make you unique?

Website – How are you converting visitors into leads?

Content – Do you demonstrate thought leadership?

Content – How do you show ROI and customer success?


“Only 37% of buyers of B2B buyers who conducted research on a suppliers website found it was the most helpful channel for this purpose.”

decision buyer journey


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Marketing – How are you nurturing your leads?

Marketing – How do you triggered relevant content at the right time?

Sales – How are you scoring leads and automating the process?

Sales – How to do arm the buyer to make the case to their stakeholders?

Content – How do you help a buyer understand how to adopt?


close buyer journey


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Website – Have you make pricing and features clear and easy to compare?

Website – How are you leveraging pricing to incentivize your ideal agreement?

Sales – How have you automated to make it easy to buy?

Service – How easy do you make it to learn how to use your solution?

Service – Have you made on-boarding seamless for a quick time to value?


“B2B companies can slash costs of serving and selling to customers by as much as 90% by introducing self-service e-Commerce features.”

research buyer journey


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Service – How do you continue to educate users on ways to gain more value from solution?

Marketing – How are you using behavior to drive messaging and personalize offers?

Marketing – How do you arm users to evangelize for you?

Operations – How are you creating once system of truth to ensure all departments have an accurate customer state?

Service – How do you invest in your relationships and reward loyalty?



If you’ve identified some areas your business needs help while reading this, fill out the simple form below to discuss your custom Buyer Journey Assessment. We build Revenue Growth Engines for our customers. It’s time to uncover your company’s untapped growth with our Buyer Journey Assessment. Let’s get started today.