Come Join Our Team

The Profile

Are you a former SaaS revenue leader or practitioner? Do you have a track record of success either as a leader or individual contributor? Are you passionate about driving growth for startups and consider yourself a growth hacker? Are you passionate about helping the little guy against the tech conglomerates? Do you find yourself constantly rooting for the underdog in movies? Then YOU are who we are looking for!

The Requirements

Executive Answers operates on the consultancy model where each of our practice leads and consultants has a personal book of business which they manage directly and then share work from the business as a compliment. We want partners who have proven an ability to consult which as you know is a different skill than just executing and we like to foster the entrepreneurial spirit as you build your practice here.

We are actively looking for the following areas of expertise to expand our team

Digital Marketing – specifically ABM, campaign development, MarTech integration, and marketing automation (Austin, NYC, SF)

Business Development – specifically expertise building demandgen programs and teams also experience with tools like Outreach, Salesloft, Insidesales, Saleshood (Austin, NYC, SF)

Sales/Marketing Ops – specifically expertise in quota and territory development, sales analytics and growth modeling (Austin, NYC, SF)

Data Scientist/Analysts – specifically expertise in big data analysis, experience with MongoDB and data visualization (Austin, NYC, SF)

Full Stack Developer (CTO) – we are looking for CTO to take lead of DemandVue development, needs have MEAN stack experience (Austin)

Why You Should Join Executive Answers

Expanding Your Scope

Being a part of Executive Answers means you can benefit from other consultants and our diverse practice areas so you can serve your clients even better. We have to build a portfolio of capabilities which can extend well beyond a consultants standard practice area. Now you can continue to add value to your long-time relationships with new offerings and expertise.

New Tools

Our agency has the best tools on the market and all our consultants get access to them for free. This includes the basics like; GSuite, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, Slack, Mailchimp and Hubspot but also includes tools to help your practice and client experience like InVision, Jira, Trello and DemandVue.

World-Class Benefits

We know it is tough running your own practice and getting access to good insurance for you and your loves ones. So, all consultants get access to full benefits, medical, dental, vision, and 401K.

Back Office Support

Nicole leads an amazing operations team which handles all the administration associated with your practice, you know the stuff you used to have to do night and weekends. The operations team handles invoicing, collections, payroll, benefits, shipping, travel and some customer support so you can spend all your time with your clients.

Branding & Marketing

As an independent consultant, it is hard to build a brand, have the capital and time to do marketing to grow your business. Executive Answers is a trademarked brand that is clear and direct. We have both digital and event marketing budgets so you can expand your practice and create a great experience for your clients and prospects.

Network Of Resources

As a part of Executive Answers, you will gain access to an even larger network of expertise, resources, contractors, and advisors to help you deliver even better results to your clients and support the growth of your practice and more importantly your clients business.

What are you waiting for?


Together we can make Executive Answers the go-to SaaS consultancy globally and make our clients the next round of Unicorns.

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